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Boxing buddies is a fun non-contact fitness based activity that has been created for children of all ages and abilities. It is a non-contact activity where children learn how to use boxing mitts and pads in the correct and safe manner. Although we try and make the classes have a competitive and team spirit about them there is no real pressure on the children as there sometimes can be in the more traditional team sports. The most important thing for us is that the children enjoy feeling part of something and have fun. As well as active children this class is also aimed at children who do not partake in other sports but still enjoy some physical activities. Group fitness activities for children are a great way for your child to become more confident about themselves and to be able to express themselves without being judged. If you are looking for your child to be more active or they are looking to do something different alongside your current sport to maintain co-ordination, balance and reaction times then look no further.

The classes mainly consist of using boxing mitts and pads, but we do try and vary the sessions to make it more interesting for the children and adults. The sessions will also consist of running, jumping, skipping along with other boxing based activities.

For the younger children we do welcome parents to get involved as part of the class to give extra support and encouragement, it might even temp some of you to try the adult class?

You should also note that this is not a boxing lesson although in both the adult and children’s classes there will be boxing style techniques shown, so on that basis none of these techniques should be used out of the class and especially towards another person or child. As taught in most martial arts classes discipline is very important and the rules and other members of the class should and will be respected at all times.

As all Boxercise classes that carry the Boxercise logo should have a qualified coach you can check this by visiting the and enter the first part of your postcode.

Children boxing lessons Children boxing fitness

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(Albert Einstein)

As a company we aim to re-engage your pupils focus on something fresh and new that wipes clear the "I can't do it, won't do it" mentality that the perception of some of the more conventional sporting activities can give the less willing child.

Coaching other sports in schools and colleges, I have found that children are deciding much too early that sport is not for them, which is closing the door to sport and exercising in general in their lives which could have a knock on effect on their lifestyle and health in the future.

The sessions we run work very well in your daily PE lesson with mixed abilities, but if you are trying to get your under achieving students to engage in physical activity or are trying to test the strengths of your more gifted sporting students there are many drills catering for all skill levels.

Through the art of boxing we explain our simple key points which we call our "Bunch of Fives" which are also very important in most of the other sports played.

  • Hand Eye Co-ordination
  • Balance
  • Peripheral Vision
  • Core Strength
  • Technique
Children boxing lessons

Through fun and very simple activities the children learn the importance of the key points and very quickly develop basic skills needed in any competitive sport.

These sessions also give you as a coach the opportunity to stand back and assess the development and enthusiasm of all the children in the class.

We all develop at different stages in life and with a little helpful push in the right direction can transform a child's attitude and in turn could give them life changing confidence in their adult lives.

We can come to you and perform a coaching session in your school or sports organisation. Whether it would be used to give your regular PE lesson in school some variation or in a sports club give your members a different challenge, I'm sure that within both they will have some fun and learn something new whilst doing it. Varying your classes is a great way of keeping the children interested. If you need any further information or to discuss the options, please don't hesitate to contact us.